A few of the people who will be at IdeaFestival 2012

We've kept you waiting long enough! Here are just a few of the people who will be at IdeaFestival 2012. 

We are excited to announce that Mayim Bialik will join us. If you’re a fan of the CBS hit comedy, The Big Bang Theory, you already know what an amazing talent she is. But what you might not know is that she also has a PhD in neuroscience from UCLA, and has recently published a book on the parent-child bond.

Have you ever wondered how Facebook became such a global social media phenomenon? Ask Kevin Colleran. He was one of the first ten Facebook employees, and will share his insights on how marketing, branding and social media continue to shape and influence the digital age.

Baratunde Thurston will join our list of presenters. He serves as Digital Director of The Onion, and founded the political blog, Jack and Jill Politics. He is also a published author and will join us to discuss his new book - How To Be Black - part autobiography, part stand-up routine, part contemporary political analysis, and astute all over.

Thrivals 5.0, a day focused on the high school and college audience, welcomes Maurice Ashley, the first African-American to attain the coveted title of International Grandmaster of Chess, and Kevin “KO” Olusola,  a classically trained Cellist and Yale graduate, who fuses neo-soul, hip-hop, and pop to create a unique sound new to classical instruments.

Find out more when All-Access Passes for IdeaFestival 2012 go on sale May 15.