What are you curious about, Aubrey de Grey?

Aubrey de Grey responds to our question about what makes him curious by describing two reasons to BE curious. "Finding things out just for the sake of finding things out" has turned out to be a good strategy for humans over the millenia because it routinely delivers useful knowledge. The other reason to be curious is to reach a specific goal, like, say, "defeating aging." The key to progress for him: emphasize and balance both impulses.

We're pleased to say that The Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik, one of the very first Facebook employees, Kevin Colleran, and the author of "How to be Black" and digital editor of The Onion, Baratunde Thurston, will be among the many people who will join us this year.

All-access passes to attend IF 2012 go on sale May 15. Stay curious.