Great Ideas Can Come From Anywhere

IdeaFestival maintains the belief that individuals don’t have to be geographically or socially privileged to have great ideas and create positive change. That’s why we’ve created an experience that expands throughout physical and digital spaces.


Over the course of four days every autumn, IdeaFestival takes physical form in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. This event is for anyone, irrespective of any demographic, to collaborate and be inspired to think differently.

The result of this is an environment that not only proves to be a disruptive catalyst for innovation, but also cultivates valuable relationships through the intermingling of diverse topics and backgrounds.

We give you permission to think differently and share that way of thinking with other creative minds.

IdeaFestival is a celebration of the curious, with the goal of inspiring all people to embrace the excitement and danger of new ideas. We give you permission to think differently and share that way of thinking with innovative, like-minded individuals.

The story of IdeaFestival is an evolving one, and is best reflected in the personal stories of those impacted by IdeaFestival directly or through a serendipitous encounter. We would love to feature your experiences with IdeaFestival, so please share your story with us!

Over 500 of the world's leading thinkers, doers and innovators have participated in Ideafestival. 


Thank you for your interest in IdeaFestival. Please send us a message using the form below and we will contact you as soon as we are able.

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200 West Vine Street, Suite 420
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