IdeaFestival duPont Manual - This is your brain on... Well, this is your brain

Congratulations to the students at duPont Manual High School, who over Friday and Saturday hosted their very own IdeaFestival. The event featured some terrific presentations on futurism, biological complexity and self-organization, and the psychology of acceptance from professors at the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky.

Several Manual students presented music and made presentations on a range of subjects. Given the amount of time I spend with it, I was particularly impressed with the thoughtful and sophisticated treatment of social media from Carolyn Brown, who talked about authenticity in an always-on age. It's clearly a subject that her peers think about as well.

Speaking with students following her presentation on the microbiological behavior the nervous system and her investigation into potential therapies for central nervous system injuries, University of Kentucky Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Dr. Diane Snow, spent several minutes describing the human brain and its organization - with a guest brain.

Congratulations to Manual for hosting such a successful event! Yeah, they're curious.