Lance Hosey - We Only Conserve What We Love

In the end, we conserve only what we love - Poet Baba Dioum, quoted by Lance Hosey

"Environmental design" is redundant because all design takes place in an environment - Lance Hosey

Design must be both beautiful and sustainable, according to architect Lance Hosey, "but we need to stop thinking of those terms as somehow separate." Fractal geometry, he points out, is one area where beauty and sustainable forms combine to provide a tangible human benefit.

Referred to as "the fingerprints of nature," fractal geometry can be found in forms as diverse as river deltas and human vasculature, and are useful because they "facilitate the flow of energy and matter." I also loved Hosey's idea that our intuitive response to these forms is unforced because our genetic material retains a memory of them as beneficial as well as beautiful.

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