Alex Stone Video - Once Is a Trick. Twice Is a Lesson

Saying that the craft has taught him how easily we can be deceived in our day to day lives, magician Alex Stone argues in this IdeaFestival Conversation for an intellectual modesty and humbleness about what we think we know.

"People see different things," and that's part of being human too.

There's a "whole literature" on mathematical concepts and card tricks, he explains. Similarly, neuroscientists are now peering into the workings of the human mind using the intuitions of magicians as a guide.

Our ability to focus on a lone task, which has evolved over millions of years, is a useful skill to have. But magic, he explains, exploits that single-mindedness by directing our attention elsewhere. Likewise, humans excel at pattern recognition, which can pick out threats or offers us pleasure. On the other hand, those abilities, like an over reliance on our "objective" perspective of reality, can lead us astray. "Magic," he says, "turns these assets against us."

Stone gave a thrilling talk at IdeaFestival 2013 on the psychology of deception, concluding that "once is a trick. Twice is a lesson."

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