Jonathan Fields: For creative outcomes, "reframe" fear

If you're an entrepreneur or creative, watch this video from the author of "The Uncertainty Book," Jonathan Fields, who addresses the fallout from fearful takes on change.

What if we fail? How do we overcome the primary culprit that keeps many of us from "going out into the world and doing the things we're here to do?"

In clear and straightforward language, Fields describes how to "reframe" situations that have caused fear in the past by altering the stories we tell ourselves about those situations - stories that too often "paralyze" instead of "mobilize" us. "Disruption," he says, "never comes without opportunity." Getting past disrupting or of isolating events of all kinds, whether they be in an entrepreneurial or family setting, is to account for the fear of acting, to acknowledge it, but to add an equally forceful accounting of a better future.

What, in other words, if we succeed? What does that story look like?