IdeaFestival Conversation: Lisa Randall on the Physics "Mess"

In this IdeaFestival Conversation, one of four newly released videos from IdeaFestival 2012, Harvard theoretical physicist Lisa Randall describes her interest in talking about physics as one, "the physics itself," and two, how science in general gets done.

On the highly energetic and vanishingly small physics she studies, Randall believes that "in some sense" theorized extra dimensions might "come to us" if particles with certain kinds of characteristics are observed in the fallout from the collisions generated by the Large Hadron Collider. While one cannot see the extra dimensions directly, one can find conforming evidence.

On the latter she says science, as a practice, "is much messier because you're trying to figure out things you don't know." That sounds like any genuine search. Go into it with an idea about what one will find.

Be honest about the evidence against that idea.

All four IdeaFestival Conversations can be found on the festival YouTube channel, IFTV.