The answers out there? Mulder never imagined this.

Mere weeks into a five-year long journey to Jupiter, the spacecraft Juno gazes back at Earth and its lunar companion.

Think about the image for a moment. Moving at 24,000 miles an hour, it took three full days for the Apollo astronauts to leap between worlds.

On Monday, September 22, sponsors, speakers and All-Access Pass holders are invited to attend a special mash-up session presented by the chief scientist for the International Space Station Dr. Julie Robinson, who, along with two Kentucky Space engineers, will describe for you how life scientists are exploiting the laboratory facilities on the ISS to do life changing work.

As it turns out removing gravity - one of the four forces responsible for all life - from the biological equation changes the course of living tissue, cells and genes. How and why those changes occur may lead to therapies for diseases on Earth.

I don't think Mulder ever had this in mind.


Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwR