Alisandra Puliti

Alisandra Puliti is the Entertainment Director for HELLO! US. After graduating from the Pennsylvania State University with a journalism degree in 2005, she received the call of a lifetime to come on staff at the newly launched US edition of OK! Magazine. After two years,Us Weekly came calling and wanted her to join their team as a reporter. For six years, she remained an integral part of the team and worked her way up to Deputy News Director. In November 2015, she sought out a new, exciting challenge to help launch the US online edition of HELLO! magazine, another popular publication from across the pond. AtHELLO! Puliti oversees the celebrity content that includes interviews, features and event coverage. She also oversees all aspects of social media. Over the course of her nine year career, one thing has always remained the same – her passion and love of celebrity (especially Justin Timberlake!). For her, there is nothing more exhilarating than getting the interview of a lifetime or helping navigate the crazy world of celeb news.

Session: Celebrity...Fame and Pop Culture
Friday, October 2
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Bomhard Theater, Kentucky Center