So Many Great Stories! An IdeaFestival 2014 Media Roundup

Here's an incomplete list of stories that have appeared about the IdeaFestival and this year's speakers. I hope you enjoy them.

The well known food and travel writer Renee Blodgett raved about the festival's premier food event, Taste of Innovation, and new local restaurants, adding that if you going to Louisville, "try to plan it in September so you can take in both IdeaFestival and Taste of Innovation in the same week. You won’t be disappointed."

Far be it from us to disagree. She also recaps many of the presentations at IdeaFestival 2014. Check it out!

Simillarly, The Wunderlin Company put its time at the IdeaFestival to great use, describing its takeaways in a comprehensive blog post.

Insider Louisville covered Art at the Edge, Joshua Greene's talk on the the morals of 'Us v Them' and one of those magic moments that happen at the IdeaFestival, the lengthy stage interview and audience interaction with Wynton Marsalis. The entire list articles can be found here.

TechRepublic came to IdeaFestival 2014 and wrote several pieces, including Virgina Postrel's presentation on glamour and the art of persuasion, and another on the philosopher Stephen Cave's talk on the stories we tell ourselves about immortality.

Business First described second day of the festival as "fascinating" and wrote a story about Peter Van Buren's new book and presentation on issues of poverty, "What Would Tom Joad Do?"

Story Magazine writes about a growing, but little known industry in Kentucky that builds and flies innovative small spacecraft and puts science payloads in space.

WFPL conducted a series of interviews with IdeaFestival 2014 speakers, including this one with Tyler Cowen.

Did you try your hand at writing software while at the festival? Kentucky Coders, a public awareness initiative to help promote the value of computer science education, launched at the IdeaFestival. You might also like the digital flipbook done by the Kentucky Center, our home.

We, of course, also blogged the festival, contributing posts on Tyler Cowen, Clive Thompson, Claudia Hammond, Jason Padgett, Debbie Millman and Lee Billings.

And finally, our image pool may be found at Flickr. Relive some the great moments from IdeaFestival 2014 in pictures.

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Image of Creative Capital artist Robert Karimi: Geoff Oliver Bugbee