Your Digital Guide to IdeaFestival 2014

Now that IdeaFestival 2014 is almost here I thought a brief guide about how you can follow along would be appropriate.

If you are in the office or onsite with a notebook, keep the web site handy. There you will find the latest information on the agenda, speakers and sponsors.

About the latter, if you see a representative of one of the many organizations that support the festival, please thank them! They help make it all possible.

Point your smartphone browser to for a streamlined experience that includes session times, speakers, sponsors, blog posts and more.

Find the festival on Facebook (please like us!) and Twitter (please follow us!). An open Flickr pool has been created so that all those wonderful images taken during IF14 have a home. If you already have an account search for "IdeaFestival 2014" and join. We welcome your contributions. The pools from 2011, 2012 and 2013 are here, here and here, respectively.

While tweeting the festival, please use the hash tag #IF14 to refer to this year's event - and that goes for you Instagram and Vine users as well. Speaking of hash tags, we always #staycurious.

As in past years, the festival will feature a running commentary on our own Twitter wall in the Kentucky Center, the festival's home. Think of it as an event newsreel. Listed in no particular order below are a number of people who will speak or attend Thrivals and IdeaFestival 2014 who have active Twitter accounts. You may want to follow a few of them.

  • IdeaFestial @ideafestival, of course!
  • Janelle Monae @janellemonae
  • Ellen McGirt @ellmcgirt
  • Renee Blodgett @MagicSauceMedia
  • Kevin Smokler @weegee
  • Cariwyl Hebert @salon97
  • Creative Capital @creativecap
  • WaterStep @waterstep
  • Debbie Millman @debbiemillman
  • Lee Billings @leebillings
  • Claudia Hammond @claudiahammond
  • Jason Felts @IAMJasonFelts
  • Clive Thompson @pomeranian99
  • Stephen Cave @stephenjcave
  • Virginia Postrel @vpostrel
  • Tyler Cowen @tylercowen
  • Creative Capital @creativecap
  • Julia Christensen @juliacjuliac
  • Angie Fenton @angiefenton
  • Darell Hammond @DarellHammond
  • Robert Karimi @RobertFKarimi

See you soon!


Image: Geoff Oliver Bugbee