"Positively Inhibited" Means "Yes," In Time

Looking for the right idea is a little like that promising first date. There's potential, but you also know from past experience that it pays to be choosy.

On the Edge of Chaos: Where Creativity Flourishes:

'While many people cite disinhibition as a crucial element of creativity — and it is — positive inhibition is even more important, [Dr. Robert Bilder, a psychiatry and psychology professor at UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior] said. 'The ability to inhibit the first thing that comes to mind in order to get to the higher hanging fruit in the cognitive tree is one of the cornerstones of creative achievement....' The first idea is not usually the most novel one; pushing past the easy answer and reaching for a better one is a mark of creativity.

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h/t @cc_chapman