Kris Kimel: Something To Think About

One of  many things that we inevitably delve into at the IdeaFestival is the question of "relevance." Today, being and staying relevant plays a significant role in the competitive equation. It’s important for your organization, your employees and your customers. In a world where the conditions and context of everything change so fast, being and staying relevant is one the most critical factors that can help you weather the inevitable ups and downs of the marketplace - whatever your business is.

Fast Company recently noted that “…87% of global customers believe business should place equal weight on societal and business issues…” These societal issues include the pursuit of a higher purpose, environmental sustainability, a deep commitment to meaningful innovation and the respectful treatment of employees, suppliers and customers.

Of course the tricky thing is that being relevant isn’t a "thing" or something that can achieved in five easy steps or through a catchy marketing slogan. It's a way of thinking and acting, coupled with unbounded curiosity that is infused and evident throughout the entire organization. It involves meaning and purpose in the broader context and extends far beyond simply delivering a product, service or making money. Your ultimate staying power is more likely to be tied to your "relevance" than to your next profit statement or number crunching report.

Stay curious.

Kris Kimel

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