Non-Scientist Reveals Time Travel Secret

How many ways are there to time travel?

This One Minute Physics video describes three possible, if highly improbable, ways to travel through time, including building your very own wormhole to tunnel between life events.

It might just come in handy the next time you're conflicted about the dinner or office party at which you've found yourself, cornered by that person rabbiting on about the time he spent in Bali or the merits of soy as a protein substitute.

Yes, I know. The parts will be insanely expensive, and with the possible exception of Jor-El, no one can budget for the kind of energy you'll need to keep the tunnel open long enough to make your escape. Because if that baby closes, you and I know that it's game over.

May I suggest, instead, that you offer your best wishes to the host and politely decline her invitation? Just summon the wherewithal to smile and follow it up with these words: "No. But thank you for thinking of me."

The secret to time travel, of course, is that we already do.

Have a great weekend, everyone. See you in the future.