Let "Bohemian Gravity" teach you string theory

References to it can refer to the sonified sun or the Allosphere or this art-sci proposal at Discovery News to bring time dilation to our senses (I'd love to talk to you!).

But "Bohemian Gravity?"

Set to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, the words in this exceptionally clever video describe the effort to reconcile the now separate physics of the very big, which includes Newtonian mechanics and special and general relativity, and what we know about the physics of the vanishingly small, or quantum physics. If successful, and pending experimental confirmation that many believe will be exceptionally difficult to obtain, string theory would provide a single physical explanation for all of space and time, at all sizes. And if that weren't interesting enough, the math that falls out of string theory and its many derivatives also suggests that the universe has 10 or more dimensions. Fun!

Give it a listen.

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