Considering that Festival Pass? Act now

Please remember, beginning Monday, Sept. 2, the price for an IdeaFestival 2013 Festival Pass will increase from $375 to $450. If you've been thinking about making a purchase, now is the time! And, don’t forget to add your Thrivals Pass for only $49 more.

If available, a limited number of single session tickets, as well as overflow seating, will be on sale during the Festival beginning at 10:00a on Monday, Sep., 23. Tickets may be purchased in person at the Kentucky Center Box Office or by phone at 502-584-7777.

The incredible agenda and associated speaker bios for 2013 are here and here, respectively. Since most of us live on our mobiles, we will soon let you know where to point your smartphone browser to get a cleaned up and simplified version of the festival web site. It will make tracking events and relevant information during the festival much easier.

An ever expanding number of events affiliated with the festival are also happening throughout the week! They may be found here. If you find one of interest, please check with that event for separate registration and pricing.

During the events this year, please use the #IF13 hashtag when tweeting about the festival. We'll be on the other end, reading. And as always, #staycurious.


Image of Teller from the IdeaFestival photo vault by Geoff Oliver Bugbee