Smeagol's "precious" process won't get it done

Scott Berkun nails this point about doing meaningful work. Don't be Precious (with your ideas):

Obsessing about every little choice is a sure fire way to prevent great work from happening. Try a bold choice. Put the beginning at the end, or the top at the bottom. Blow your work up into jagged pieces and put them back together. You might just find this opens doors you didn’t even know were there.... [Otherwise] you'll never call anything finished, denying yourself the essential experience of looking back from a distance and learning from what you’ve already made.

The last sentence is particularly interesting to me. Like many of you, I know perfectionists who will pour over the details, never releasing the final idea or product into the wild. But in doing so, they are, as Berkun points out, doing a huge disservice to themselves. They'll never benefit from an honest accounting by others of what they've done. And of equal importance, they'll deny themselves the personal perspective that could, given a willingness to let go, reveal the way forward.

Reflected as we are in the things we do and make, that kind of attention makes of us a cracked image. It called to my mind the one posted here.

You will inevitably be embarrassed by version one of any successful idea. So let go.

Stay curious.


image: Attribution Some rights reserved by me5otron