Hacking Space - Five Questions for Ariel Waldman

Do particle collisions make a sound?

Slated to speak at IdeaFestival 2013 on the "Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy," Ariel Waldman took a few moments to talk recently with us for our Five Questions series

Thanks to a burgeoning citizen science movement that, for example, recruits human eyes to pour over data from our robotic emissaries, galaxies are identified, pulsars discovered and astronomical images are processed for clarity and beauty by amateurs the world over.

As Ariel suggests, these vantages can can, and do, connect ideas that had previously been unrelated, particularly when those sets of eyes come together. IdeaFestival fans will certainly recognize the delight in THAT process.

As for the answer to the first question, why, yes, particle collisions do make a sound!

Festival passes are now on sale - but don't wait too long to make that purchase. We're expecting a sell out again this year. 

Stay curious!