Do stay in touch

We're so happy you read the IdeaFestival blog! You've no doubt heard by now that Google Reader will be discontinued on July 1, so if you'd like to continue taking the blog's syndicated feed, you will need to move it and any other feeds you may have to another service by the end of the month.

I've found Feedly to be an exceptional replacement, and the service, which appears to be the destination of choice for former users of Google Reader, has said that it will provide the cloud backend to quite a few desktop and mobile RSS clients, including Reeder, Press, Nextgen Reader, Newsify and gReader. Feedly also has iOS and Android clients for those news junkies who take their feeds on mobile devices.

Feedly's plug-ins for Chrome, Safari and Firefox web browsers are a terrific way to add feeds to your collection as you browse the web.

The IdeaFestival syndicated feed isn't of course the only way to stay in touch with us! Why not consider taking the IdeaFestival newsletter, which provides subscribers with festival speaker and agenda updates, ticketing information, select blog posts and generally talks about all things IdeaFestival. See the lower right side of our home page to subscribe with your email address.

The festival is also quite active on Twitter (@ideafestival) and Facebook, where you will find assorted and eclectic linkage, comment and general nerdery all day long. Our Twitter following is growing especially fast. If you haven't tried Twitter, or if you're an old hand and don't follow us already, please do so.

Finally, video interviews with Maria Konnikova and Jason Pontin have also been scheduled and will be recorded soon for posting to the IdeaFestival blog. The festival is also working with several other people, including Ariel Waldman, to schedule similar efforts. Many of these individuals will be speaking at IdeaFestival 2013 as well. So stick around to see what they have to say about their upcoming appearance!

Stay curious.


Peter Sims image: Geoff Oliver Bugbee