"IdeaFestival a blend of minds, dreams"

The "IdeaFestival is a blend of minds, dreams." Thursday's print edition of the USA Today points out that the festival isn't just a gathering of "curious individuals who search for answers and explore big ideas," but has inspired at least two people to embark on life changing adventures - one in medicine, the other in business.

That's what happened to Jan Winter, a Louisville resident who has attended many IdeaFestivals. She started to quench her thirst for learning. But through the years, she heard a theme repeated that started to resonate: Ideas are only ideas until they take hold and become innovations.

IdeaFestival not only helped her formulate a business direction, she continues to get helpful ideas from attending annually. 'I continue to make very valuable contacts,' Winter said. 'Every year, I get some substantive move forward in our work.'

Read the article for yourself. And stay curious!