Baratunde on careers: In world of many voices, find yours

How are the IdeaFestival and the future of careers alike? Both emphasize fresh thinking, even when, maybe particularly when, it's about oneself. "Change is the new normal."

Baratunde Thurston at Big Think:

...that may still mean that you’re a writer. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to be a reporter for this newspaper. It maybe means you’re a storyteller, and the way you connect with communities and expose clarity to confusing situations and put words and images together to convey knowledge to people, that’s what you do. You’re not a reporter for the Sacramento Bee--not to pick on the Sacramento Bee. You’re a storyteller. You’re an informer....

I don’t think we’re ever going to reset to a new plateau or a new normal of any significant length. By the time you get used to the way things work, the way things work will change because we’re on that Moore’s Law arc, because the tools that we use to connect to one another and drive everything advance far too quickly, and because we have too many minds plugged into the matrix who have a voice now, not just to consume, but to produce.

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I hope to see you at the IdeaFestival!