Forbes: "Listening" among top new jobs

Forbes lists 10 jobs that didn't exist so much as ten years ago, and among them is work such as mobile app development, user experience design and admissions counseling. Once my young live-in code warriors are done retooling the home network, I plan to tell them about the mobile app thing. Yeah, that sounds interesting.

But the job that really appealed was Chief Listening Officer. Most of the people in my life who fit that description have worn a cleric's collar - come on Forbes, the position is not that new - and the job unfortunately describes social data mining - gah! - but for someone who is made content at the sound of little feet scattering on the forest floor, or the rosined vibrato of nearby frogs on my small farm, for someone who enjoys the reedy breath of wind and the hushed stellar expanse on a truly dark night, it only made sense. In a world that can't seem to stop talking, listening is bound to be in demand.

Thanks for the link Ceci.


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