Jason Silva: "engineering inspiration" means new eyes

There are a couple of interesting ideas in the announcement that filmmaker and futurist Jason Silva will be speaking at PSFK Conference NYC. One is that "biology is now an information technology subject to the same radical progress of Moore’s law," which means that biology might be digitized and accessed just like any other realm of knowledge. He compares the revolution to "software that writes its own hardware."

The other? I liked Silva's take on creativity, which reminds me a lot of the effect the IdeaFestival has over the course of four days.

Tom Robbins says you can’t manufacture creativity or wonderment, but you can pull yourself out of context so dramatically that you gawk in amazement at the ubiquitous everyday wonders you’re culturally conditioned to ignore. I think this is key: To get new ideas we need to see the world with new eyes–we need to evoke a novel way of seeing things.

Stay curious.