#ideasatplay at IF University

When does the same question require a different answer?

Writing in the Louisiville Courier-Journal, the IdeaFestival's good friend, University of Louisville  Strickler Executive-in-Residence and professor of management in the College of Business, Prof. Nat Irvin, describes IF University.

We at IF University are about to launch an idea that we believe is totally fun, interesting, educational, provocative and may well prove instrumental in helping our community improve its “ innovation IQ!” The concept behind IF University is simple and extends the success of our annual IdeaFestival throughout the year. Through IF University we intend to provide year round programming that explores ideas, innovation and content from the IdeaFestival and related subjects. Classes will be informal and structured primarily as conversations, encouraging a collective learning experience. We are looking for creative teacher types so if you have an idea, passion, subject or avocation that you would like to share with others, we are interested in hearing from you.

We are looking for people who are interested in expanding our understanding of who and what we are. Like Einstein, we think there may be new answers to old questions.

Over the next few weeks you will begin to notice on various electronic billboards — of all kinds — in all kinds of places, including even the print media, an “IF?” question that is designed to evoke a response from your brain. These series of questions—all of them very different are designed to poke a hole in your mental universe, the one you are living in day in and day out.

So think of this “IF?” questions project as a Louisville/Lexington and all points in between virtual think tank, a living coffee house where everyone who sees the “IF?” questions will be invited to think about the same idea and yet offer their different responses through whatever means they may choose! We’re hoping that you will use your Twitter accounts, Facebook, Blogs, Podcasts, Tumblr, et.al…including the quaint conversations around the dinner table.

Think you have an idea for a class? Share it, and then us know via #ideasatplay on Twitter.


Image of Michio Kaku: Geoff Oliver Bugbee