What are you doing with the facts?

It's surprising, according to The Creativity Post, how little effort is given to the how of thinking. Creativity is about thought-in-action - far less about the facts than how those facts are combined:

We go to school and learn about Albert Einstein and his theories about the universe and we say he was creative. We are not taught how he thought. We're taught he was simply more intelligent than other scientists. We're taught nothing about his mental process of 'combinatory play' of visual images or the irrationality of his way of speculative thinking about 'damn fool ideas,' or the many dead ends and failures he experienced. We're presented with his idea as a product of superior intellect and knowledge. Analogically, as if we are taught how to measure daily rainfall by the rise of water in a pail without ever realizing that the rain arrives in individual drops.

But how much more difficult it is to think of creativity as a phenomena that results from a certain combination of relationships. This combination includes the principles of intention, belief, attitude, behavior, language, knowing how to change the way you look at things, knowing how to think in different ways and learning how to think inclusively without the prejudices of logic. We've been schooled to think of them all as separate and distinct entities so they can be described and explained. Despite the apparent separateness of these at this level, they are all a seamless extension of each other and ultimately blend into each other.

Like nature, the contents of creative genius aren't contained anywhere but also are revealed by the dynamics. (emphasis supplied)

Every speaker that appears at the IdeaFestival invariably shares stories from his or her experience. And in almost every case, they've changed how they looked at a problem or thought differently or "lived in the question" long enough to arrive at a solution that they might have prematurely excluded if "just the facts" were brought to bear.

I hope to see you in September.

Stay curious.