IF never discriminates on the basis of vision

Artists are the antennae of the race. - Ezra Pound

Appearing with other Creative Capital artists, Shih Chieh Huang demonstrated a "messymix" of life featuring eerie and entrancing work the drew gasps, a few titters and lengthy and sustained applause for its daring. Along with Mark Shepard, whose "under(a)ware" wearable-tech is designed to foil business intelligence gathering, and Pamela Z, Richard Pell and Erika Blumenfeld, Huang explored what it means to be alive, to be in concert with the world - in Pamela Z's case, literally - and what it may mean to have it come to an end. Gus Grisson would be proud of Pell's bug collection. Why do these meaning-makers, these explorers, these westward movers do this?

They see more. At the IdeaFestival we never discriminate on the basis of vision.