In Germany, a Space Tango with the President

Working the Hannover Messe trade show in Germany, Twyman Clements, CEO of the Lexington, Ky startup Space Tango, talked earlier today with President Obama and German Chancellor Merkel about innovations in space.

Clements described Space Tango's important work in the research and development of medical solutions in micro-gravity for applications on Earth, referred to as "exomedicine." Space Tango has designed and tested hardware that will make real-time, space-based exomedicine research possible.

The lab should arrive at the International Space Station later this year.

The two leaders are looking at a 3-D printed model of Kysat-2, a Kleenx-box sized spacecraft from Kentucky Space that successfully orbited in late 2013.

Space is a growth opportunity. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is working to commercialize low Earth orbit. The private sector, for example, now resupplies ISS crews. An area of the station has been designated a national lab and is open to organizations wishing to do research. And companies like SpaceX and Boeing will soon begin to ferry astronauts to the orbiting laboratory.

Twyman, who appears just over the left shoulder of the president, enjoyed a once in a lifetime opportunity to explain Kentucky's role in the business of space.

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