Remembering Sir George Martin

I awoke this morning to the sad news that Sir George Martin... the groundbreaking producer for the Beatles died at age 90. I was a Beatles child, a lucky kid who came of age with the Beatles music as the soundtrack to life, first loves and adolescent heartaches.... in my case, mostly heartaches. The first time I heard "I Want To Hold Your Hand" I was not only blown away by the song (as only a twelve year-old boy still dreaming of his first kiss can be) but also that unique, incredible sound... and that sound and production was George Martin.

In 2004 George Martin presented at the IdeaFestival. He delivered an amazing ninety minute multi-media talk full of Beatles songs on the making of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band... complete with many of the creative ideas and experiments that went into making that iconic album.

But it gets better.

He and his gracious wife spent nearly four-days in town for the IdeaFestival. During that time I had the opportunity to spend time with him in casual settings, talking over dinner and martinis. He talked about the early days of his time with the band, the actual backstory of meeting the "lads" (at the end of one their initial meetings he asked if anybody had anything else they wanted to add... and George said "I don't like your tie"), the early ideas, struggles, successes and of course, the music. And in the end I believe that's how George would ultimately want to be remembered.... for the music.

Kris Kimel, Founder of the IdeaFestival and President, Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation