That Time Your Grandma and Usain Bolt Raced

If you've never thought of it like that, we can help.

Over at O'Reilly, "Data Show" podcaster Ben Lorica has a few words with IdeaFestival 2015 speaker David Epstein, and connects what Epstein has discovered about sports science in his book, "The Sports Gene," with Lorica's interest, big data.

Among the connections was this unexpected and memorable fact.

You might think Usain Bolt moves his legs fast, but he actually repositions his legs at the same rate as your grandmother when she’s running as fast as she can, or maybe your mother if your grandmother is a little older. Sprinters don’t win by moving their legs through the air faster. They win by putting five times their body weight into the ground as fast as humanly possible. (emphasis supplied)

Read - or listen to it - here. And be reminded that there is always a different way of looking at the same information.

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