For Computers, Consciousness Would be "Bug-as-Bug"

Kevin Kelly makes an interesting comparison between artificial intelligence and the natural intelligence of the human mind in Wired. We want, Kelly says, for our intelligent cars to be "inhumanely" focused on the road, not introspectively thinking about the garage earlier in the day. Subjective experience, that first-person account of the world unique to each and every one of us, is a messy process. The mystery of consciousness still baffles the world's brightest minds.

Elsewhere, the ever pithy Nicholas Carr summarizes Kelly's idea thusly: "for computers, consciousness would be a disaster — a bug-as-bug, not a bug-as-feature."

Last year, the economist Tyler Cowen touched on the parts of human intelligence that are irreplaceable - forecasting, introspection, imagination, creativity - and suggested at one point that provided one had some technical knowledge, that humanities degree might be more, not less, valuable, than ever.

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