Stay Curious. "Non-Routine Cognitive" Jobs on the Rise

Why stay curious? "Non-routine cognitive" jobs are on the rise, according to research published in the Wall Street Journal and linked today in a tweet by former IdeaFestival speaker, Tony Wagner.

In recessions of the 1960s and 1970s, routine jobs would fall during the recession but quickly snap back. But after the recession in 1990, something changed. Routine jobs fell and, as a share of the population, never recovered. In the recessions in 2001 and in 2007-09 they fell even further. The snapback never occurred, suggesting that many firms began coping with recessions by scrapping tasks that could be automated or more easily outsourced....

But they are not among the labor market’s pessimists who fear that robots will render humans obsolete. Their work shows the economy has continued to generate jobs, but with a focus on nonroutine work, especially cognitive. Since the late 1980s, such occupations have added more than 22 million workers.

"Is your job routine? If so, it's probably disappearing."