To See What's There

Images: Geoff Oliver Bugbee

Images: Geoff Oliver Bugbee

The artists of Creative Capital never fail to inspire, or to provide unexpected insight. This year is no different. Listening to Andy Kropa talk about his efforts to "hack Alzheimers," I watched a demonstration of an app designed to scrub backwards, much like a video editor might, to remind the sufferer of an event in the recent past - to get directions, or to be reminded of an appointment, or to put a name with a picture.

Ken Gonzales-Day, whose artwork focuses on the troubled history of race in America, showed several images of public lynchings, spectacles all. Asked about the why of his art, Gonzales-Day talked briefly about the importance of seeing things as they are, or in his words, "to see differently" so that healing may take place. It impressed me.  

I was struck watching the two artists talk and show their work about the importance of memory. A fidelity to events means more than accuracy. It occurred again to me that it means someone - or someplace - may make its way toward a better place.

Stay curious.