Practice good followership

Narcissists may look like good leaders, but are they? Freakonomics:

Generally speaking, narcissists tend to do well in life. Which is strange, since we usually look down on traits such as arrogance and inflated self-image. And yet, for all the reasons we hate them, society usually rewards narcissists in one crucial category: leadership. For some reason, even though we claim to see through all the trappings of self-love and big egos, we tend to think that narcissists make good leaders, and in group settings, consistently lift them to positions of power.

Confident self-presentation is an important part of believability, yes. But I find it interesting how self-absorbed individuals are seen as good leaders while the creatively-absorbed agonize over their image and work. If you have an opportunity today, do yourself a favor and read Joshua Mehigan's eremitic and lovely meditation on self-expression, mental illness and poetry, "I Thought You Were a Poet" at

All leaders, whether narcissists or not, require our attention. Today, let's practice good followership.