Richard Branson should endorse the IdeaFestival

Having just used Steve Jobs to make a point below about promoting creativity in business, I ran across this piece from Richard Branson, another iconic and successful entrepreneur, who describes how his successful organization targets new opportunity by putting "a priority on... remaining open to new ideas." Give it a read, but first check out this paragraph:

Our choices were not random or merely reactive, but guided by our decision to take an entrepreneurial approach to expansion. Instead of pushing our teams to do ever more intensive analysis to pick our next venture – which can slow the whole business down – I set a priority on our remaining open to new ideas. It is one of the reasons that I always urge people to pursue their own interests outside work and to take regular vacations. Exercising your creativity in other settings isn’t just relaxing; you’ll stay informed about developments in other fields and connect with a wider circle of people than you might encounter at work. Keeping your thinking fresh and original makes good business sense!

Staying "informed about developments in other fields" to "keep your thinking fresh and original" because "it makes good business sense?" OK, so Richard Branson didn't endorse the IdeaFestival. But Sir Richard, please! Don't be a tease.

We're ready when you are.

Check out this video of one those ventures shot from the window of a Virgin America flight.