Flash Class: It's All About Perspective


The Overview Effect is a psychological phenomenon that astronauts experience as they view the Earth from space for the first time. It can cause an extreme cognitive shift that alters one’s perspective on planetary conflict, and induces a newfound empathy for all living beings on Earth. 

On Earth, humans live fast-paced and distracted lives. By measuring activity in a part of the brain called the right supramarginal gyrus we now know that people become less empathetic the more chaotic and distracted their lives become. Disconnecting from devices, making human connections, and slowing down to enjoy our environments -- through community gatherings, music, and art -- can cause this compassionate part of the brain to light up and grow; helping us become more empathetically-evolved humans… much the way The Overview Effect does from space.

Join us for a discussion on perspective, and how we can work to encourage a culture of empathy through Science, Community, Music, and Art.

Annie Mitchell, MaryLiz Bender, Becky Steele