Joe Geoghegan


Joe Geoghegan is a full-time traveler, sometimes worker, and native Louisvillian. Having not held a “real job” for the last year, he has instead explored “Real America” - inhabited by the 626 million Americans in the nations to our South. 

In October 2016, Geoghegan and his high school friend, Noah, left their desk jobs to take an impossibly-fast 6-month journey from Louisville to Antarctica - all without taking any planes. Two weeks into the trip - driving through Northern Mexico - things changed when Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States and they were asked questions they didn’t have the answers to.

Since then, Geoghegan has talked with scores of people from dozens of countries as he and Noah traveled by car, bus, and boat through Central and South America. This experience has left an intense impression that traveling can make tourists and locals both better people and enduring ambassadors for unity in a fracturing world.

As of July, Geoghegan is living in Australia via the Working Holiday Visa program.

Instagram: joegeoghegan154