Jennifer Carter


Jennifer Carter is the Assistant Director of the Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics at Morehead State University and the Director of SpaceTrek, an all-girls camp dedicated to the empowerment of young women.  Formerly, as a science teacher at Rowan County Senior High School, Jennifer built a space science program including courses in space systems engineering and astronomy.  She is a NASA Teacher Liaison, a SOFIA Stratospheric Airborne Astronomy Ambassador, and a Pulsar Search Collaboratory university leader.  Jennifer has had three students to discover pulsars, the corpse of large collapsed stars in our galaxy.  She is active member of the Kentucky Girls STEM Collaborative leadership group and the Million Women Mentors steering committee. Jennifer has a bachelors of science in mathematics and physics, a masters of science in Industrial technology, and a masters of arts in teaching high school math, all from Morehead State University. Currently, Jennifer manages student research projects, a mentor program, and a Maker Space at the Craft Academy.  She mentors girls in STEM education and business endeavors.