February 24 - JCPS IdeaFestival

February 25 - IF Outdoors at Red River Gorge

March 10 - IF Emerging Technologies at Ashland

March 13 - LearnFest '17

March 15 - IF Bowling Green

March 23 - IF London

April 18-19 - IF Aerospace

April 19-21 - KAED Spring Conference in conjunction with IdeaFestival

April 29 - IF Girls

May 11 - Northern Kentucky IdeaFestival

IF Events happen throughout the year and across the state. Like the main IdeaFestival® held in Louisville each fall, these are live events that promote innovation, curiosity, discovery and disruptive thinking as a means toward designing novel solutions to important challenges in science, the arts, business, education, technology, design, etc. Much of the relevance of IdeaFestival is derived from its emphasis on discovering the connections and intersections that emerge between different areas of knowledge, ideas and experience. These events help promote this relevance before, during and after IdeaFestival each year.

Separate registration required. Watch here for details and additional events in Covington and Pikeville, 
Red River Gorge, Ashland, London, Aerospace, Owensboro
are all in partnership with the Kentucky Innovation Network.

IF Affiliate Events

Sept. 23-24
Louisville Mini Maker Faire
Museum Row, 7th & 8th Blocks of West Main Street, Louisville

Sept. 30
9th Annual NuLu Festival
700, 800 and 900 blocks of East Market Street, Louisville