Subtle Distortion

Innovative Sound Installation by Connor Shafran

Wednesday, Sept. 28 - Friday, Sept. 30
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
MeX Theater, The Kentucky Center for the Arts

Experience the musical exploration of a few household items that, without the use of microphones and digital-audio production software, would remain unheard.

Wednesday: Sponge
Thursday: Crumpled Paper
Friday: Metal Cup


Connor Shafran is an musician, artist, and producer from Lexington, KY. Over the past few years, Connor has won multiple national composition contests, such as the Portland Percussion Group’s “Nothing With Wheels,” the Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra New Music Experiment, and the Lee University Percussion Ensemble Call for Scores. In 2015, he began Mairz, a project combining his orchestral background and his passion for electronic music that employs musical ideas influenced by the genres of Hip-Hop, Modern Ambient, and Jazz. He currently works as both a freelance recording/mixing engineer, and a sound engineer at the Singletary Center for the Arts.