Art @ the Edge

New York-based company Creative Capital President Suzy Delvalle brings to IF a group of artists whose unique and sometimes controversial work pushes the edges of the creative envelope.


The Body-Mind Connection

How your body influences innovation, memory and learning

Flash Class -- The IdeaFestival is about ideation and innovation...connecting new & interesting ideas with your own in order to achieve an "a-ha" that moves you ahead in your work. But what if sitting and listening to these ideas isn't enough? What if you literally need to MOVE to move ahead? Come participate in this interactive flash class to learn about AND implement the latest research on how postures, gestures and movement influence innovation, memory and learning.

Kristen Hanel

Christine Ortiz

Dr. Christine Ortiz a Professor of Materials Science at MIT and Dean for Graduate Education recently stepped down as Dean in July 2016 to launch a new residential research university which will have no disciplinary departments, no classrooms, no traditional on-ground passive lectures, no majors and no pedagogical distinction between undergraduate and graduate education. At IF you will learn about her new vision for higher-education.