Rod Taylor

Rod Taylor is a professor, scholar, author, entrepreneur, and musician. Based in Nashville, TN, he serves as an Associate Professor and Design Faculty at Minerva Schools at KGI— a groundbreaking new university that provides an extraordinary liberal arts and sciences education to the brightest, most motivated students in the world. He’s authored Etunes (2014), a composition textbook reader themed on the digital age of music and multi-modal learning, various academic essays on modernist literature and education, and a host of popular press essays in a variety of music magazines. Alongside his work in literature and writing, Rod has long been involved in music, playing and recording with Victor Wooten, Krista Detor, Chuck Rainey, Artemis Robison, Steve Bailey, and a variety of other great musicians. He is also founder and CEO of Performance Learning Concepts, an education company that offers large-scale, music-centered, interactive programs at conferences and universities on a variety of subjects, as well as training for businesses on multimedia presentations.