IF Conversations - David Mohney

In this ideafestival Conversation, David Mohney, Dean Emeritus, College of Design Professor, University of Kentucky, talks about the unique Curry Stone Prize for humanitarian design. The first annual $100000 award was handed out at the 2008 ideafestival, Louisville, Kentucky.
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One minute video explanation of "dark energy"

A one minute video explaining the concept behind the Nobel-winning physics discovery that the universe is rushing away from us at an accelerating pace? Take it away Sean Carroll.

Sean is a CalTech theoretical physicist. He appeared at the 2010 IdeaFestival, and recorded this video on the arrow of time that you may enjoy.


Wikipedia: dark energy

Will Shortz on the"Grab-bag Brain" - IdeaFestival Conversation

New York Times crossword editor, puzzle master for npr's Weekend Edition Sunday and enigmatologist, Will Shortz, on the "grab bag brain". Filmed in Louisville, Kentucky at the ideafestival, September, 2008.
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Thank You, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

To all of our supporters, thanks for being a part of the IdeaFestival! Your sponsorship and purchases of festival passes make the non-profit nerdocalypse possible.

We simply couldn't do it without you!

For 2015, we're planning the most IdeaFestival IdeaFestival ever. So mark your calendars now and plan to be at the Kentucky Center in Louisville, Sept. 30 - Oct. 2, 2015. Follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page and check out our YouTube channel, IFTV, to stay in touch.

From all of us at the IdeaFestival, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We'll see you next year!

Stay curious.


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Thank You!

Thank you for making IdeaFestival 2011 so wonderful! We couldn't do it without you, our fans and sponsors, who for four days make the IdeaFestival the most creative and inspiring place to be in the world.


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