Building a culture of innovation

More from BusinessWeek on the design/innovation emphasis at Davos, which begins on January 24. According to Bruce Nussbaum, the agenda lists a number of sessions for CEOs:

A special series of six workshops is planned for CEOs.IDEO President Tim Brown will lead one on "Building a Culture of Innovation." Roger Martin, dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto will lead another on talent -- "Who's Choosing Whom?" Other workshops cover "What Creativity Can Do for You" and "A World Without Intellectual Property." And I'm moderating a panel discussion on "Prepping for the Creative Economy."

Building a culture where creativity is recognized and rewarded has to be one of the top challenges for CEOs everywhere. A creative and innovative business culture is rapidly becoming their only competitive edge in an age where what's knowable can be known in an instant.