Thanks for Reading!

Stock-taking is a popular thing at the end of every year. Here are retrospectives from people and places that I frequent, as well as a list of my favorites from 2007.

Having endured a difficult year, Ethan Zuckerman dives back into the year to rediscover some posts of his. They're all good, but coming as they did before the last IdeaFestival, I particularly liked his conference blogging guidelines.

As for me, I was satisfied in no particular order with Am I Machine Enough for Deep Blue?, The Impossibility of Prediction, Justin Timberlake Edition, Innovation is Thinking about the Wrong Thing at the Right Time, Rocking out with the Psalms, Retrocausality: the Outcome is Past, Evidence: No Feeling, No Thought and Jaron Lanier: What Do Metaphors Signify?

I nominate better numeracy for most worthy cause of 2007 - and in the years to come.

One of my favorite places is ScienceBlogs, where an unparalleled collection of science writers have something interesting to say almost every day. Readers of IFblog will undoubtedly recognize the name Dave Munger, who writes at Cognitive Daily. ScienceBlog's visual round up of 2007 is as informative as it is easy on the eyes.

Though it didn't do a best-of piece, MacArthur's Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning consistently posts some of most thoughtful, contemporary work on digital literacy.

Elsewhere, National Public Radio runs down its list of people, music and stories of 2007. NASA chimes in with its top exploration stories. Steve Hardy offered a handy guide to his eclectic curiosity interviews, a series that I've enjoyed. Like Ethan, he also digs out favorite posts of his from the archives. In print, Fast Company's round up includes books and business movers and shakers. The magazine always features sharp writing and meaningful text.

If you want a really comprehensive 2007 "best-of" list in the arts, architecture, books, film, popular culture, etc. see Fimoculous. It doesn't get any bigger.

Well that's it. I'm really looking forward to the coming year. I'll be working full time with IdeaFestival and other interesting Kentucky-based initiatives. I should have more Five Question interviews, as well as frequent IF Conversations postings. I've discovered that I really enjoy reading about and interviewing creative people. What makes them go makes me go. Thanks for making this blog part of your day - as long as you'll read, I'll write. And please, if there is something I'm not currently targeting that you'd like to read more about, contact me at the address on the blog. All the very best in coming year,