Thought without words?

At Splintered Mind, Eric Schwitzgebel writes about one French monk who suffered aphasia - an inability to use language - during epileptic episodes. By the monk's own report he was also deprived of inner speech during those periods, yet witnesses say he could effectively communicate even though his actions weren't accompanied by any outer (or inner) language.

Picking up on the idea that we think without language, Tanasije Gjorgoski connects it to the kind of mental activity intense gaming promotes in his post, Thinking without Langauge. That interior language must defer occasionally to conscious thoughts like "do I need to go eat, go the bathroom?"

Schwitzgebel's post also reminded me of the work done by Elizabeth Spelke on pre-language cognitive abilities of children, who are able, apparently, to think about the world unequipped with words. I'm inclined to think something is going on here.

Still, what kind of language is that? For that matter, when does communication rise to the level of language?