Wii gestures, body hacks and biomimicry

Nicolas Nova briefly mentions an emerging nomenclature for Wii gestures.

Of course movement, particularly certain arm and hand gestures experienced while maneuvering in traffic, is already rich in symbolism. Nothing new there. 

But I was taken by surprise at how an already symbolically-rich computing environment might be fused with human movement, which struck me as an interesting combination of knowing. In addition to the knowledge derived from the big three - experience (phenomenal knowledge), languages (both symbolic and natural) and empiricism (observation of cause and effect), there might be a way of knowing that combines the internal awareness experienced by dancers - sometimes referred to as body thinking - and computing. If so, it might represent a new kind of body hack, a way of using our bodies to learn.

Biomimicry represents another way to think of movement, and, related, TED has made available a new video on the secret of movement that uses "slow-mo video of cockroach, crab and gecko gaits" (I love that phrase) to examine its wonders from the outside in.

We don't just think with our heads.


Wikipedia: biomimicry, emobodiment, phenomemology