Big Math and a more furious bass

If you've noticed the growing video logging phenomenon, you've probably already found RocketBoom, which often references some of the most interesting media around. Now that broadband connections increasingly prevail, video logging is gaining in popularity.

Free to create media, people, well, do. And if you like your bass fast and furious, trust me, you want to go here. The two ideas are connected.

Chris Anderson has an interesting related graphic in his post, "the decade the blockbuster died." Chris, who is editor-in-chief of Wired magazine, has been working to understand the physics of The Long Tail, a term he coined to explain the Web's infinite shelf space and its role in meeting consumer tastes. Kevin Maney, USA Today columnist, also picks up on the "end of the blockbuster" theme in today's newsprint.

The Long Tail is a well known statistical distribution sometimes referred to as a "power-law tail." Chris believes that these distributions, or probabilistic systems, explain quite a bit, but they  "sacrifice perfection at the microscale for optimization at the macroscale," which leaves some people uneasy. I think it's a fine descriptive (I don't argue with math), but am undecided on its merits as a prescriptive.

Exposure, however, to extraordinary bass playing is one example of the web working as a probabilistic system. The same might apply to original film work, studio furniture making and any small but talented enterprise.

If you get time check out this RocketBoom video clip on RSS, which will help you find other video logs. You just never know who and what you might discover.


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