Paper hearts and cellular discovery

Given a monumental lack of qualification on the subject - what's new, right? - this post will quite likely be the only three-fer on cellular biology that you'll get from me. But there's big news at cellular sizes that I wanted to pass along.

NewScientist reports that the Type 1 Diabetes gene may have been identified. The local paper reports that
embryonic stem cells may have been created from skin cells, which could avoid the future destruction of human embryos for medical research. The New York Times article on which it's based is here.

And finally, the very brief TED video below introduces a couple of ideas worth mentioning.

In what other way besides encoding it in ones and zeros can information be processed? Can physics directly interpret information? Is "DNA origami" within reach? The suggestion brought to my mind how one man's pursuit of origami has unfolded in advances in coronary research.