2018: What will "literate" mean?

What will it mean to be literate ten years from now? MacArthur Spotlight on Digital Media contributor and a researcher with the University of Chicago Center for Urban School Improvement, Nichole Pinkard, suggests this definition:

In essence literate in 2018 will mean being multi-literate - theability to critically consume and produce media such as print, video, sound and screen. Of course this conjecture is not new. Many technologists, educators, and policy makers are espousing this future. However, while the synergy regarding what it will mean to be literate in the future is growing, the blueprint for getting there is still on the drafting table. If we are to prepare our sixth graders of today for the world they will face tomorrow we must begin today to rethink our definitions and methods of supporting youth in becoming multiliterate.

I don't the answers either, but clearly media literacy has moved beyond writing letters to the editor or critically reading the newspaper or watching the evening news with whomever.

We can all produce media now.